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Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

        You may have your  PHOTO as the Front Cover
or within your booklet

Gathering Place

Celebration of Life Booklets

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    My Life,
                My Story,   
                              My Wishes

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     It’s been said that pain, sometimes brings forth the best ideas. From personal experience I know how heart-breaking it is to lose a loved one and then not being able to take the time to grieve properly due to the inability to locate important documents and paperwork needed, in order to move forward with planning their resting place.

     This can become a financial and mental burden and forces an individual or family to make last minute arrangements, and hurried decisions that would not normally be made.  Sometimes this unfortunate situation can create an atmosphere of negative thoughts, negative actions, and mistrust. 

         Instead of searching for these items that could take days and sleepless nights, paperwork will be ALL GATHERED in one place.

           Each booklet comes with a handy carrying case that includes dividers and labels for each tab to ensure documents are filed away neatly and in order.         Other pages included to ensure all legal requirements are met include . . . 

  • Durable Power of Attorney / Executor of Estate,

  • Medical Proxy 

  • Notary Page. 


      Children and Teen booklets are 19 to 20 pages. 

      Adult and Senior booklets are 32 to 36 pages.   

     Small businesses and Corporations are 22 to 23 pages.











Youth / Teens




        Small Business            


Gathering Place 


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     Simply put, everyone needs insurance. Without Life Insurance, a  family will have to worry about all your final expenses. This puts a financial burden on loved ones along with unnecessary stress and grief.


Our goal is to empower you to make informed financial choices through education and then match you with the right financial solutions – term life insurance, investments, auto & home insurance, and more – that can help you achieve your financial goals


               plus a 

        Investment / Savings Plan


    Notaries must witness when someone signs a document. We will meet with you in our office or travel to where you are within the State of Indiana. 

       With the advent of online notarization, you may also have your documents notarized online, by video and audio. See details for scheduling an appointment, travel, and pricing.

       A Homegoing Celebration of Life ceremony is conducted to  Remember, Honor, Respect, and Celebrate the life of the deceased.
   Unfortunately, due to this unwanted event, efforts to plan the ceremony becomes overwhelming for some and does not allow loved ones to mourn or grieve as they would like or should.
       We are here to assist you with planning, whether it be a portion of the service or planning the entire service from beginning to end.